What are common Port-O-Store Container uses?

Please visit our Construction, Commercial, Hospitality, and Municipal pages to learn more about specific uses in each category.


What do the containers look like?

Most of our containers are used prior to your rental. Used containers can have some cosmetic blemishes, surface rust, and dings/dents. Some containers do not have many blemishes at all.


Can I move or relocate a container?

No, once you have received your storage container you must contact us to move or relocate it. You may not relocate the container yourself.


What about delivery Do I need a special space requirement?

Shipping containers should be placed on a flat level area. Preferably on concrete, asphalt, or gravel area. A tilt bed truck requires 60 plus feet of room to drop the container. We also load our containers with the doors facing the cab area of the truck. With the doors facing the cab this will determine where they will be located after the drop. Our carrier will contact you prior to delivery to make sure we know your expectations before placing the container.


Do I need to be present during delivery of my storage container?

Yes, we prefer you be present when we delivery your storage unit. You may need to sign paperwork to confirm delivery and to identify the preferred location.


How fast can I get a new unit?

Most of our containers are on will call and we can delivery a shipping container within 48 hours of your call. Please call the office to confirm this deadline though.